Friday, April 15, 2016

Juice 101

So what is all the hype about juice? Your burning questions answered!
What's the difference between a juice and a smoothie?
Smoothies are made in blenders which pulverize the entire fruit or vegetable with other ingredients to create a thick beverage. Juices are made in juicers which extract the liquid from the fruits or vegetables and discards the fiber resulting in a thinner liquid nutrient dense beverage.
But I thought fiber was good for me?
Fiber is GREAT for you and should be included in every healthy diet. Fiber's main job is to aid digestion by carrying things out through elimination but it will also carry out many nutrients with it.
Quick anatomy lesson:
DIGESTION is the process by which your body it consumes food/drink, breaks it down, absorbs what is needed and eliminates what is not.
So why juice?
Because when you remove the fibers and are left with a nutrient dense liquid and that liquid hits your intestines, the nutrients are practically absorbed like a sponge and then distributed to your bloodstream where it is carried it to the rest of your body. Your body is able to easily absorb these nutrients because the fiber is not in the way trying to carry it out. It is almost like taking those nutrients and injecting them into your blood. Obviously, this happens as a result of removing the fiber so it is often best to drink juice on an empty stomach and then wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before eating anything so nothing else can carry those healthy little buggers out also.

E3 Renew Me

Many of you have tried and fallen in love with E3Live, the original frozen liquid, but have you tried their other products? A local customer sent us this review of the Renew Me, which I can also personally attest to!
About 3 years ago, after going through a lot in my life, I was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression. I was put on medication that I stayed on for about a year and a half. Although the medication helped me tremendously at that time in my life, I no longer wanted to be dependent on medication for these things. I made the decision to ween myself off of the meds slowly. After stopping them for a couple of months, I noticed symptoms coming back, which is when I decided to try the E3 Renew Me that I found at The Juice Box. I had read a few reviews online, and heard about all of the amazing benefits of all of the E3 products, I felt pretty confident that I would be good on these all natural supplements rather than medication.
I can now proudly say that I have been off of my medication for a year and a half! Every morning I simply take 2 E3 Renew Me supplements and I'm ready for the day! I feel amazing and I feel so much better knowing that I'm putting only natural supplements into my body. These amazing pills have changed the way I feel on a daily basis, and for that, I can't say THANK YOU enough!!
Lakeland, FL

Papa Barnard

Fun fact of the day:
I recently confessed how when I opened the south JB strange coincidences would happen that led me to believe this was my calling. Here is another one of those coincidences.
Many of you have asked "WTF is with the weird old infomercial playing in the Green Room?"....well, let me tell you.

I was at a flea market shopping for decor and vintage stuff to decorate the JB with and I was talking with my husband about how I needed to purchase the Vita-Mix's for the smoothies. About 20 minutes later I stumbled upon an old chrome blender that looked really cool and I thought I could use it as decoration. When I picked it up it was a FREAKING VITAMIX! It was old but I didn't know how old so I paid $40 for it and carried it away. On the way home I tried to do my research and figure out how old this thing might be and after a while I was able to determine that I had just walked away with the first ever generation of Vita-mix's! Upon further investigation, I found the infomercial and learned that the Vita-Mix infomercial starring Vita-Mix's founder, affectionately called Papa Barnard is considered the FIRST EVER INFOMERCIAL from 1950!!! Considering that Vita-Mix had been on my mind for weeks prior and I stumbled across one of the first machines ever made and it also happened to have a vintage infomercial for a juice bar I planned to fill with vintage stuff, the 'weird black & white commercial playing on a loop' is a reminder to myself of what I believe to be my calling: making healthy options available to a community I love.
That Vitamix has its place sitting on the corner shelf above your heads in the Green Room. 😊
Happy Weekend everyone!
Also, if you turn the volume up (or google it) it's HILARIOUS!