Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sprouting 101

Sprouting seeds and grains is great way to add healthy nutrients and enzymes to your bod and it's fun for kids!  Think: an ongoing science experiment in your kitchen!  And not the kind where living organisms are beginning to grow on that month old unrecognizable leftover dish in your fridge.  It's super easy and even without a green thumb, you can do it too!

Sprouts essentially turn a seed or grain into a baby plant packed with enzymes to boost your overall health and immunity.   Did you know that cancer generally requires a certain type of environment to flourish and thrive?  That environment is acidic and lacking in oxygen.  Sprouts, one of Mother Nature's little miracles, are alkalizing and supply oxygen to your cells!  In layman's terms: They can help kick cancer cells' ass, oxygenate your blood and keep your cells uber healthy.

We sell a variety of sprouting seeds at The Juice Box for your sprouting pleasure.

You will need:
Sprouting seeds
Sprouting jar or  Mason jar with sprouting lid (available at The Juice Box)

In a jar about 16-20oz, put 1 Tbsp seeds and fill just a couple inches with water.  Put the mesh sprouting lid on top sit that bad boy on your counter  over night or all day (8-12 hours).  When times up, pour the water out.  When the seeds appear dry again (maybe 24 hours?), run more water into the jar and dump out again, always keeping the seeds moist.   It's that easy.  When the seeds/sprouts appear dry, run some cool or room temp water over them, swish it around to get them all wet and dump the water back out.  If you have a place to put the jar so that it can stay upside down, draining without falling and breaking, do that.  If not, not a big deal.  I didn't.  That's it.  That's all there is to it.  They will sprout little tails and then continue to grow.  No dirt needed.  No mess.  No fuss.  Voila!