Wednesday, June 1, 2016

CORNHOLIO! Why HOW you eat your food is just as important as WHAT you eat and what this means for your health

We've all been trip to the bathroom after a picnic has everyone laughing about the corn in the poo.  Some people will tell you it's because corn is not digestible which is actually not the case at all....but there is some truth to the myth.  The corn (and other seeds, nuts) often come out in their whole form not because your body CAN''T digest it but because it DIDN'T.

You see, let's have a quick lesson in digestion:

1. Food goes into mouth.
2. Teeth chew food and saliva mixes with it to break it down.  This is the beginning of the digestive process.
3. Food travels down into the stomach where it is further broken down using your stomach's natural acid, bile
4. Food/acid mixture travels further down into your intestines where nutrients can be absorbed and blood can carry these nutrients throughout your body.
5. What your body did not absorb is eliminated through the colon.  i.e.: you poop out the waste.

Your stomach can only break down food so much which is why we humans have these awesome things called teeth.  Chewing is one of the most important parts of the digestive process.  If you don't chew your food REALLY won't matter how healthy your lunch was because your body was unable to absorb it.

A wise person once told me: your goal is to chew your drinks and drink your food.  Chew your drink.  and Drink Your Food.  Meaning, when you eat, chew until it liquifies.  When you drink juice or healthy smoothies or even water, chew to release the saliva that will help break it down and make it more absorbable.  

Try this one little trick and watch your digestion improve, shed some pounds and feel better!  Chewing your food plays a major role in the absorption of your vital nutrients and helps with elimination.

Ready for more fun trivia?

Though no one knows for sure and there are many theories, one of the main leading reasons scientists and anthropologists believe most humans now have their wisdom teeth removed during adulthood or adolescence is because our jaws have shrunk due to our crappy diets and the lack of chewing we do!  It's pretty scary because it's almost like reverse-evolution.  Our jaws have not yet evolved to meet the demands of our severely lacking diets and lazy habits. Crazy, huh?

Conclusion: CHEW your Food.  Chew your smoothies and juice.  CHEW.  CHEW.  CHEW.  Disease begins in the gut....focusing on healthy digestive habits is vital to overall health!