Wednesday, June 1, 2016

CORNHOLIO! Why HOW you eat your food is just as important as WHAT you eat and what this means for your health

We've all been trip to the bathroom after a picnic has everyone laughing about the corn in the poo.  Some people will tell you it's because corn is not digestible which is actually not the case at all....but there is some truth to the myth.  The corn (and other seeds, nuts) often come out in their whole form not because your body CAN''T digest it but because it DIDN'T.

You see, let's have a quick lesson in digestion:

1. Food goes into mouth.
2. Teeth chew food and saliva mixes with it to break it down.  This is the beginning of the digestive process.
3. Food travels down into the stomach where it is further broken down using your stomach's natural acid, bile
4. Food/acid mixture travels further down into your intestines where nutrients can be absorbed and blood can carry these nutrients throughout your body.
5. What your body did not absorb is eliminated through the colon.  i.e.: you poop out the waste.

Your stomach can only break down food so much which is why we humans have these awesome things called teeth.  Chewing is one of the most important parts of the digestive process.  If you don't chew your food REALLY won't matter how healthy your lunch was because your body was unable to absorb it.

A wise person once told me: your goal is to chew your drinks and drink your food.  Chew your drink.  and Drink Your Food.  Meaning, when you eat, chew until it liquifies.  When you drink juice or healthy smoothies or even water, chew to release the saliva that will help break it down and make it more absorbable.  

Try this one little trick and watch your digestion improve, shed some pounds and feel better!  Chewing your food plays a major role in the absorption of your vital nutrients and helps with elimination.

Ready for more fun trivia?

Though no one knows for sure and there are many theories, one of the main leading reasons scientists and anthropologists believe most humans now have their wisdom teeth removed during adulthood or adolescence is because our jaws have shrunk due to our crappy diets and the lack of chewing we do!  It's pretty scary because it's almost like reverse-evolution.  Our jaws have not yet evolved to meet the demands of our severely lacking diets and lazy habits. Crazy, huh?

Conclusion: CHEW your Food.  Chew your smoothies and juice.  CHEW.  CHEW.  CHEW.  Disease begins in the gut....focusing on healthy digestive habits is vital to overall health!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Once you go never go back!

Like they say, once you go Black, you never go back.....

.....this is my personal confession.  My humiliating past, my present situation and my hopeful future.  

I was in sixth grade the first time it happened. 

At first, it almost seemed like a right of passage. It meant I was turning into a woman… I had just hit puberty after-all.  But then..... it just kept happening. Over. And over again.  I was ashamed; And for me, it was so much worse than all of the other girls in school.  Like writing on my face.... There was no hiding it.


My acne started in sixth grade and unlike most of the other kid's whose blemishes dissipated towards the end of high school, mine persisted.  I saw dermatologists who prescribed me drugs and expensive topical treatments.  I tried the infomercial stuff. I tried all of the commercial brands one by one only to look in the mirror and see no results. Sometimes a facial wash would work but not enough to really clear my face… But even then, it seemed like the potency would wear off after a month or two… As if my skin had built up an immunity against it.  In school, some people would pick on me. In college, I was asked why I wore so much makeup… But the truth was it didn't matter whether I wore makeup or not they were still there.  So, I tried to cover them up which only helped them blend in but did nothing for the mountains and valleys on my face.  And then the make up made it worse. But if I didn't wear it I was even more embarrassed and ashamed.

This didn't just last through college.  Into adulthood, I continued to break out regularly. It wasn't as horrendous as high school but.... and I say this very literally: Until two years ago there was never a time when I did not have at least a dozen pimples on my face.  And I am in my 30's.  Everyone is self-conscious about certain things and often parts of their bodies… But it really sucked knowing that what I was most embarrassed about I could not hide.   I could not conceal it underneath vertical stripes or a slimming black dress.  I couldn't dress it up or bedazzle it to make it pretty.  I could not put a hat on it or wear longer anything to cover it... It was in plain sight for everyone to see like walking around naked in public.  

Even after my big lifestyle overhaul when I changed my diet and tossed almost all of my conventional body products in the trash and started buying all natural products, I would still throw my money away on chemical laden face washes and creams that promised results and were supposed to help… But they never did. I tried organic and all natural face washes but those didn't work either so I would switch back-and-forth… to no avail.  

Until the day came that I was formally introduced to African Black Soap. I had a friend that talked about it a lot because she used it… but she's beautiful and has great skin so I brushed it off like a friend telling you that they like blueberry muffins… "OK, that's when does the movie start?"  I had absolutely no expectations for this product as had become a learned behavior with regards to this issue.  After I used it the first time my face felt great. But that was nothing new, often the first few times I would use a new product it felt wonderful until it stopped working. But here's the thing: it's been two years now and it Has. Not. Stopped. Working.

I have naturally oily skin so my instinct was always to reach for the oil free products, when in fact, this is oil-based.  The first time I used it I wasn't quite sure what to do with it… It kind of looked like an 8 ounce tub of manure....but had almost no scent whatsoever.  I had to reach out to my friend for advice on how to use it....which is basically just scraping a booger-size amount onto your finger, getting it wet and then when you rub your hands together, this little gelly-like nugget of soap lathers up like nothing I have ever seen before.  Like magic.  Like Harry Potter just waved his freaking wand over my black booger nugget and POOF....suds and suds of powerful cleaning microscopic angels that just erased my acne in a mysteriously fast matter of weeks.  

And.  It didn't.  Come back.   It's hard for me to convey in writing and without before and after pictures… Because I was so mortified and embarrassed that I didn't allow pictures of my face to be taken....but Black African Soap has honestly changed my life. Sure, every once in a while I might find myself with a pimple which I can usually relate to having had sugar (tsk tsk).... But those times are few and far between.  I have had a few people ask me recently what my skin care regimen is which now almost makes me fall over simply because....if they only knew the struggle and what my skin looked like a few years ago!

Many people don't realize it but at The Juice Box, most of the things sold in retail were not just picked randomly.  We sell them because we believe in them and for one reason or another they have changed or improved our lives.  Black Soap is no exception.  It is the single most important thing in my arsenal of beauty/skin products.  The best part is it worked for me and continues to but the second best part? It's really inexpensive!!  

No, this isn't some MLM marketing nonsense… Because it works better than anything I've ever used and because it's 100% natural we buy it bulk in large bricks at The Juice Box and then we just cut it up and sell it by weight… But a little goes a long way.    You can probably scrape up the change under your couch and buy enough to last you almost a year, lol!!  


UPDATE!  So, I raved about my absolute most favorite product and I told you how to use it but I forgot some other important stuff that you need to know:

1. I store my Black Soap in one of those small reusable Gladware containers. Any airtight container works.  I use it several times a day so I keep it in its little box with it's lid and if it ever feels dry, I just add a dash of water inside the box to soften it for next time.  

2.  I was messaged about what other products do I use afterwards??

I make my own whole system that I'm hoping to have time to blend and offer at The Juice Box.... but for starters, I use regular old Witch Hazel as an astringent...though I don't use it all the's what I use.  Sometimes I add rose water or thyme extract.  

Here's the biggie: 

MOISTURIZING! at the risk of crushing many people's hopes and dreams here's the real dirt on everyone's beloved COCONUT OIL!  Coconut oil is food and to cook with and on wounds and to oil pull with and lots of other things but if you are prone to breakouts, have sensitive skin or even normal skin....for the love of all things holy, do NOT use coconut oil on your face.  There's this thing called the comedogenic scale.  It is a scale that rates oils and their ability to clog pores.  Well, everyone's been so hyped about all the benefits of coconut oil they are just slathering that stuff everywhere but here's the truth.

Personal Story: so I decided a few years back to try to make my own face stuff.  I used coconut oil for the moisturizer because of all the hype.  I woke up the next day as bad as my high school days....broken out into a million little bumps all over my face  Little did I know until a later why....

The Comedogenic scale rates oils like this:

0 - Will Not Clog Pores
1 - Low
2 - Moderately Low
3 - Moderate
4 - Fairly High
5 - High

Coconut oil is rated a 4!!  No wonder I broke out like a pubescent teenager after using it!  

I now use raw organic Shea butter which is rated a 0 and I often mix it with a drop or 2 of essential oils like lavender or frankincense which are both excellent for your skin, anti-aging and reduce blemishes!    Other 0-rated oils safe for use as a moisturizer are ARGAN, MANGO & HEMPSEED oils.  Keep an eye out because I hope to be able to offer these at the JB very soon!

I hope this helps someone!  

Peace.  Love.  Juice.  💚

Friday, April 15, 2016

Juice 101

So what is all the hype about juice? Your burning questions answered!
What's the difference between a juice and a smoothie?
Smoothies are made in blenders which pulverize the entire fruit or vegetable with other ingredients to create a thick beverage. Juices are made in juicers which extract the liquid from the fruits or vegetables and discards the fiber resulting in a thinner liquid nutrient dense beverage.
But I thought fiber was good for me?
Fiber is GREAT for you and should be included in every healthy diet. Fiber's main job is to aid digestion by carrying things out through elimination but it will also carry out many nutrients with it.
Quick anatomy lesson:
DIGESTION is the process by which your body it consumes food/drink, breaks it down, absorbs what is needed and eliminates what is not.
So why juice?
Because when you remove the fibers and are left with a nutrient dense liquid and that liquid hits your intestines, the nutrients are practically absorbed like a sponge and then distributed to your bloodstream where it is carried it to the rest of your body. Your body is able to easily absorb these nutrients because the fiber is not in the way trying to carry it out. It is almost like taking those nutrients and injecting them into your blood. Obviously, this happens as a result of removing the fiber so it is often best to drink juice on an empty stomach and then wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before eating anything so nothing else can carry those healthy little buggers out also.

E3 Renew Me

Many of you have tried and fallen in love with E3Live, the original frozen liquid, but have you tried their other products? A local customer sent us this review of the Renew Me, which I can also personally attest to!
About 3 years ago, after going through a lot in my life, I was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression. I was put on medication that I stayed on for about a year and a half. Although the medication helped me tremendously at that time in my life, I no longer wanted to be dependent on medication for these things. I made the decision to ween myself off of the meds slowly. After stopping them for a couple of months, I noticed symptoms coming back, which is when I decided to try the E3 Renew Me that I found at The Juice Box. I had read a few reviews online, and heard about all of the amazing benefits of all of the E3 products, I felt pretty confident that I would be good on these all natural supplements rather than medication.
I can now proudly say that I have been off of my medication for a year and a half! Every morning I simply take 2 E3 Renew Me supplements and I'm ready for the day! I feel amazing and I feel so much better knowing that I'm putting only natural supplements into my body. These amazing pills have changed the way I feel on a daily basis, and for that, I can't say THANK YOU enough!!
Lakeland, FL

Papa Barnard

Fun fact of the day:
I recently confessed how when I opened the south JB strange coincidences would happen that led me to believe this was my calling. Here is another one of those coincidences.
Many of you have asked "WTF is with the weird old infomercial playing in the Green Room?"....well, let me tell you.

I was at a flea market shopping for decor and vintage stuff to decorate the JB with and I was talking with my husband about how I needed to purchase the Vita-Mix's for the smoothies. About 20 minutes later I stumbled upon an old chrome blender that looked really cool and I thought I could use it as decoration. When I picked it up it was a FREAKING VITAMIX! It was old but I didn't know how old so I paid $40 for it and carried it away. On the way home I tried to do my research and figure out how old this thing might be and after a while I was able to determine that I had just walked away with the first ever generation of Vita-mix's! Upon further investigation, I found the infomercial and learned that the Vita-Mix infomercial starring Vita-Mix's founder, affectionately called Papa Barnard is considered the FIRST EVER INFOMERCIAL from 1950!!! Considering that Vita-Mix had been on my mind for weeks prior and I stumbled across one of the first machines ever made and it also happened to have a vintage infomercial for a juice bar I planned to fill with vintage stuff, the 'weird black & white commercial playing on a loop' is a reminder to myself of what I believe to be my calling: making healthy options available to a community I love.
That Vitamix has its place sitting on the corner shelf above your heads in the Green Room. 😊
Happy Weekend everyone!
Also, if you turn the volume up (or google it) it's HILARIOUS!