Friday, April 15, 2016

E3 Renew Me

Many of you have tried and fallen in love with E3Live, the original frozen liquid, but have you tried their other products? A local customer sent us this review of the Renew Me, which I can also personally attest to!
About 3 years ago, after going through a lot in my life, I was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression. I was put on medication that I stayed on for about a year and a half. Although the medication helped me tremendously at that time in my life, I no longer wanted to be dependent on medication for these things. I made the decision to ween myself off of the meds slowly. After stopping them for a couple of months, I noticed symptoms coming back, which is when I decided to try the E3 Renew Me that I found at The Juice Box. I had read a few reviews online, and heard about all of the amazing benefits of all of the E3 products, I felt pretty confident that I would be good on these all natural supplements rather than medication.
I can now proudly say that I have been off of my medication for a year and a half! Every morning I simply take 2 E3 Renew Me supplements and I'm ready for the day! I feel amazing and I feel so much better knowing that I'm putting only natural supplements into my body. These amazing pills have changed the way I feel on a daily basis, and for that, I can't say THANK YOU enough!!
Lakeland, FL

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